4 Reasons Nomads Should Quit Cigarettes

Everyone loves traveling, and if you don’t, you probably know at least one person who does. People travel for various reasons, but for a niche of backpackers and nomads, it’s about chasing adventures in interesting places. In fact, data from Statista indicate there were around 10.75 million backpackers in the US in 2020. With so many different travelers around, it’s no surprise that a portion of them may have a smoking habit.

However, with countries and cities adopting new smoking legislations recently, traveling smokers may find it difficult to get their fix. If you’re tuned into our travel and backpacking tips on Vagabondish, you already know there are a lot of other necessities you need to pack for the perfect backpacking trip. If you can’t go on a weekend getaway without your pack of cigarettes, this could be your sign to quit cigarettes — or at least start. In this post, we’ll explore the four reasons nomads should quit cigarettes:

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Some countries have smoking bans

Smoking bans may not be a problem if you’re planning to travel somewhere close or familiar because you’d be prepared. Still, it can be a hassle to be somewhere new with completely different legal restrictions about smoking. Some places have smoke-free policies to promote good health and preserve the environment. In 2021, for example, 525 beaches in Spain are smoke-free to stop outdoor smoking. Smoke-free legislation will often involve paying a required fine if caught, on top of getting in trouble with local law enforcement. Even if you aren’t planning to travel as far as Europe, it’s important to backpack without endangering the environment by littering or smoking where you shouldn’t. If you genuinely enjoy traveling, quitting cigarettes can make trips more enjoyable as you become less reliant on them.

Safer alternatives are available

These days, nicotine alternatives are all the rage worldwide, especially in countries that legislate against cigarettes. The Zyn pouches sold on Prilla come from Swedish Match and are designed with Americans in mind. These nicotine pouches are a great alternative to help ease your way into quitting by reducing your tobacco intake. On the other hand, Cipla’s regular and sugar-free nicotine gum products are tapping into a USD 1.01 billion market, as more and more people discover the risks of traditional and e-cigarettes. Not only will you enjoy less strain on your lungs with these alternatives, but you’ll also be more discreet in your travels abroad.

You can spend money on other things

One advantage of quitting smoking is that all the money you would typically spend on the habit can go into other enjoyable aspects of your travel. For frequent travelers, the extra money can go into convenience upgrades like TSA PreCheck programs to skip long lines. Of course, it can be hard to see how much money you’re spending on cigarettes, but it may pleasantly surprise you to find out how much you could save (and spend on other things) if you quit or try to minimize smoking. Your savings could get you better meals on travels or help fund emergency cab rides for a start.

New environments breed new habits

Lastly, quitting while traveling somewhere new just might make it easier for you, your brain, and your body to adjust. After all, part of the joys of traveling is trying new things. So trying to quit smoking can be part of the list of must-try activities you have during your travels. You could pick up new hobbies and habits, maybe learn a local sport or game, or enjoy sceneries you would otherwise have difficulty smoking at.

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