Why the Missouri Botanical Garden Is a Perfect Family Vacation Spot

By the time the summer months arrive with their hot weather, people start to make plans to spend their time off with their families. While the usual vacation spots include going to the beach or traveling to Europe, there are other places where parents can take their kids for the summer. The Missouri Botanical Garden is one of the main attractions in St. Louis since it is the oldest botanical garden in the United States, founded in 1859.  Not only does it include beautiful sceneries and gardens all around its 79 acres, but it also hosts different types of events and family educational and entertaining programs. Here are a few reasons why the Missouri Botanical Garden makes the perfect spot for a family vacation.

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Adult and Early Childhood Programs

There are plenty of programs that involve children and parents working together in the garden. Your kids can explore the Japanese garden with all its indigenous plants and traditional elements like lanterns and footbridges. For children between the ages of 2 to 5, the Little Years program teaches them about nature and plants and allows them to explore planting with their own hands. It allows them to learn how to be organized, listen to their teachers, and share with their friends. They can also learn about the life cycle of butterflies and seasonal fruits and vegetables. This allows the children to interact with each other and encourages them to create and extend their learning at home. All these outdoor activities will help to prepare them for preschool and kindergarten.

Partnering Art and Science Activities

If your kids are 6 years or older, you can participate with them in art and science programs that involve creating works of art or potting up a plant that you can take home. This takeaway present will make a great souvenir from one of the most famous St. Louis attractions that your kids could brag about to their friends. There is a partnering artistic program that involves witnessing water lilies that grow in the summer in the garden’s central axis pools. Each child will be able to record their experience in their seasonal nature diary as they get the chance to learn about Claude Monet and paint the water lilies using watercolors. Your children will also get to observe urban birds and learn about their life cycles and the kinds of plants they feed on during the summer.

Specialized Teen Programs

The garden features environmental leadership courses for teenagers, which teach them about environmental issues in their area. It is an excellent way for high schoolers to have great experiences that they can mention in their college applications. They will learn about planting and nature, how to speak publicly in events, and how to conduct special projects. Apart from the greenhouses and unique plantations in the garden, there are plenty of places to visit and explore in the garden. They can learn all about tropical plants like citrus trees, orchids, and palms while walking inside the Climatron, an enormous dome-shaped greenhouse, and the Linnean House, both of which include plants from all over the world. Special tram tours are available to visit the Tower Grove House and the Victorian District, which hold much of the historical value of the garden.

Outdoor Activities for the Whole FamilyApart from the educational and entertaining programs, the garden conducts special events all year round. You can go canopy climbing with your kids by taking a two-hour course that will teach you tree-climbing techniques and how to control your balance. This will create an excellent bonding experience with your family and teach your kids about communication and support. You can also visit the annual events in the garden, like the Japanese festival, which showcases Japanese culture. The seasonal Best of Missouri market occurs in October and displays all sorts of handicrafts and food items that your family can explore and enjoy.

We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to bond with our family and detach from our screens every once in a while. Walking around all day long and looking at all the garden’s natural beauty with your entire family sounds like the perfect vacation day. From learning how to plant your home garden to climbing trees, the Missouri Botanical Garden features plenty of activities to enjoy with your family. There are age-appropriate programs that will keep the kids entertained and that will allow parents to participate with them. Exploring all aspects of the garden with your children is a wonderful bonding experience that will give your family a memorable summer vacation.

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