4 Ways To Prevent Burnout As A Digital Nomad

Over the past few years, digital nomads have seen a rapid increase in numbers. Around the world, people from all walks of life are shifting to this more freeing nomadic lifestyle. Case in point, in the U.S. alone, studies on digital nomads show a 50% increase in just a year. However, while being a digital nomad has many perks, it’s not invulnerable to burnout. Unfortunately, burnout is becoming especially prevalent across all industries and fields. Among working adults in 2021, over 52% have reported feeling burnout. Among all respondents, 80% have said that this burnout has negatively affected their careers. Therefore, to prevent burnout from similarly eating into your overall well-being, it’s important for digital nomads to practice clever ways to keep this at bay.

1. Reconnect with others

Among digital nomads, a large chunk of their personal and professional lives are spent online. While this affords many benefits (especially in this age of remote working), spending most of your time online can create a sense of isolation. This feeling of loneliness and seclusion is one of the biggest reasons why burnout is common among remote workers. To prevent this, do make an effort to frequently make connections with friends and co-workers. Also considered one of the most effective science-backed ways to cope with anxiety, the human connection helps combat stress. Even if you’re in a situation where you’re physically distanced from your loved ones, a video chat or phone call is much more conducive than a text message. As an added bonus, doing this may also be helpful to those you reach out to that are similarly isolated but too shy to reach out.

2. Invest in your surroundings

It’s normal to want to be frugal as a digital nomad. After all, you are on the road a lot and often have to be conscious of changing economic conditions. However, this can very often lead to selling yourself short in terms of comfort. While living a minimalistic and modest lifestyle is fine, this shouldn’t mean not investing in the ambiance you’ll be working and living in. For instance, while paying a few dollars at a party hostel may be cheaper, it can drastically affect your sleep. According to research on sleep disturbance, this can lead to depression and an inability to feel motivated. That said, try to invest in a living space that lets you relax and think clearly. The few extra dollars you shell out will be worth it down the line.

3. Create a daily routine

A big part of the allure of being a digital nomad is the freedom it provides you. However, if left unchecked, this flexibility can easily spiral into disorganization. Even among the most dedicated workers, having a “chaotic” life can lead to heightened feelings of mental and physical exhaustion. As such, make sure to create and follow a daily routine. Thankfully, as a digital nomad, the routine you create can be as personalized as you want it to be. A few tips for creating a daily routine include prioritizing structure, scheduling breaks, and being consistent. In this way, you can allow enough time for your needs without accidentally overlooking anything or overextending yourself. Remember that following a routine isn’t the same for everyone. So, be patient and give yourself enough time to find the best approach for you.

4. Find a de-stressing outlet

As a digital nomad, personal and private lives can often meld into one. Initially, this may not seem like a big deal, especially if your work is something you truly enjoy. However, over time, all work inevitably becomes tiring. Therefore, if your work is rooted in something that was once a passion, your burnout could have deeper consequences as you may start to become uninterested in your work and even start to feel lost. This is why it’s important to find time to focus on a passion project. This can also be something connected to the work you do or it can be completely different. The point is that it should let you disconnect and de-stress. Some examples of de-stressing activities you can look into are being out in nature, spending the day at the spa, or indulging your senses with good food and scenery. Providing yourself with these much-deserved breaks helps balance out your mental health and lets you recharge once again.

Burnout is a very real issue that can affect anyone. Among digital nomads who are blessed to have the opportunity to travel and live with flexibility, it’s essential to proactively prevent burnout. In this way, you can enjoy your globetrotting nomadic life sustainably.

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