Airport Parking, Orlando

Take Your Car to the Airport and Enjoy the Freedom

When making your way to the airport, you of course want to arrive at the check-in desk with plenty of time to spare so that you are not late for your flight.

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It is therefore really important that you plan your journey to the airport in advance, especially if you live a fair distance away. You have two basic options: either take your car or take public transport. The latter is a really good idea if you do not have much luggage (if you are going on a city break for example) as it means that you will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your trip without having to worry about getting stuck in traffic.

Airport Parking, Orlando
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If you are travelling as a group or are taking your young family abroad then you will have a lot of passengers (which can prove costly on public transport). You’ll also have a lot of luggage which can be tricky to store on a packed commuter train.

All of which is to say that driving may be a better option for you, as it offers more freedom and allows you to pack as much as you need into your car (which will be a lot if you are travelling with young children). You also won’t have to pay for expensive train tickets for each member of your family.

Drive and Save

If you are on a budget then driving may also be the better option as it means that you’ll be able to take advantage of budget flights that are flying out at unsociable (i.e. non-peak) times. If you travel by public transport then you will be constrained to flights that fit around the train or bus timetable. If you drive you can arrive under your own steam and therefore take advantage of the low cost red eye and early morning flights.

Plan Airport Parking in Advance

Of course if you want to drive then you will need to make sure that you have organised parking for your vehicle while you’re away.

Most major UK airports offer parking and you can pick from options ranging from the low cost park and ride service, this is where you park your car a couple of miles from the airport in a safe and secure car park and then take a shuttle bus to terminal building. The shuttle buses run on a regular basis and the car parks are open 24 hours a day.

With a little more money to spend, you could choose onsite parking within the airport premises. This means that as soon as you arrive you will only be minutes away from check-in which is of course very convenient.

If flying within the UK, you should find plenty of parking at the airport from which you are flying including parking at Luton Airport, parking at Manchester airport, Gatwick airport parking and Dublin airport parking.

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