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Travelling Around the World: Saving Money, Not on Experience

You may not believe it, but travelling around the world can be cheap and easy. With a little time and effort, you may even travel for free! The idea that travel has to be really expensive is the result of the corporate media, as well as touring agencies and hotel chains, as they tell you that you have to pay a lot, so that you don’t wonder why your bills are sky high. They want to decide what travelling experience you should have, at what hotels you should stay in, they want you to get all-inclusive cruise packages.

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For that reason it might be quite scary for you to plunge into the world with just optimism and good-will, but in order to start new life free of additional charges you have to take a leap of faith.

#1: Embrace the Divine Joy of Travelling

Travel frees you from your everyday routine. You meet new people and explore unseen places, try foods that are different from your normal diet and learn new things about the world and yourself in the world that you would have never learned at home. The joy of getting new experience is the most pleasant thing about travelling, as experience is free of charge. Walking the streets of the city or town and talking to locals, sitting in the local park and watching people, watching the sunset over the ocean from the peak of a mountain – you can do this without getting the tour package. The joy of being in a new place is, in fact, the essence of travelling.

#2: Keep Your Needs to a Minimum

Our economy works in the specific way, making us buy something we believe we need every day. In fact, the list of our most important needs includes fresh air and clean water, healthy food and exercise, creative stimulation, companionship, self-esteem and safe place to lay our head. And these things can be obtained easily and for free. To get fresh air you can go for a walk, and if you speed up for a little, that would be a good exercise. Your creativity will be stimulated by a new place, where you can meet new people and make friends. Self-esteem is not as hard to achieve as people tend to think – you just have to turn off the TV, take a few deep breaths and open your soul to the goodness of the surrounding world.

#3: Go Slow

Most people believe that time is money, and they spend money all the time. Change your setup to understanding that time is free and you have all of it – remodel your old boat, catch a ride or jump on your bike and get out of town. The slower you go, the less you pay.

#4: Leave Your Possessions and Obsessions Behind

When on a travel you don’t have to pay rent and drive a car, you don’t need electricity and dryer, oven and TV, gym membership and closet full of designer stuff. No suit and no work to go to – you are free.

#5: Start Trusting People and You Will Get Food + Lodging

There are so many people wanting to open their homes for travelers – just help them with some chores and you will get a meal and a bed to sleep in. There are several websites that help people contact with local hosts that are willing to give travelers a place to stay for a while.

#6: Don’t Expect a Free Ride

You only get what you give away, so make sure you are ready to work a little to be free of charges.

So these were some tips for travelling on budget. Surely, you will have to spend some money, as it is very difficult to travel for free. But you can save a lot money on unnecessary things. Instead of staying in a fancy hotel, you can find cheap apartments for rent. Instead of going to restaurants, you can cook yourself or make friends and go to them for dinner, for example. Use your imagination and creativity and travelling can become much more affordable.

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