Closeup of a Commerce Bank credit card

Travel and Money: Using Your Credit Card on the Road

Closeup of a Commerce Bank credit card
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Today we will discuss using your credit card on the road. There is no denying that credit cards are very necessary for travel, as they’re often required to book travel arrangements (like flights and accommodation) in advance. They’re also incredibly convenient and useful ”” but must be used correctly, and with caution. I don’t recommend charging any travel expenses to your credit card if you don’t have the ability to pay it off (in full) immediately. The massive interest rates alone make no financial sense, and can put you in financial strife if you come up against an emergency and have no cash and a maxed out card.

Having said that, my credit card is one of the most useful travel tools I have.

Credit Card Advantages

Despite some challenges I’ve had, credit cards are my preferred way to pay for everything while traveling for a number of reasons:

  • It provides a detailed record of my purchases
  • The currency conversion surcharges are reasonable (although rates vary with different credit cards)

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