Fire River in Yellowstone National Park

The Lakes and Mountains of the USA

From Utah’s desert to Alaska’s glaciers, the USA includes every type of landscape imaginable. Its national parks provide the opportunity for visitors to get back to nature, lose themselves in the wilderness and come face to face with the elements along with a host of amazing wildlife.

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There are countless other spectacular lake and mountain views to enjoy across the USA from Death Valley on the west coast to the Smoky Mountains of New England, but here are three of my favourites.

Fire River in Yellowstone National Park
Fire River in Yellowstone National Park © Billy Gast


Volcanic landscape, canyons, grizzly bears and geysers- Wyoming’s Yellowstone is said to have been the first official national park in the world and includes one of the largest high altitude lakes in the Americas as well as the largest volcano.

A wildlife lover’s paradise, you might spot elk, bison, pelicans, moose and trumpeter swans on your trip.

The largest concentration of active geysers on earth steam and simmer between hot springs and mud pots in Yellowstone. Old faithful, the most famous, is a sight to behold as it sprays water over 100 feet in the air.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Azure alpine lakes, snow capped mountains and wild flowers- Colorado’s Rocky Mountains National Park is full of picture postcard views, the mountains dwarfing all that surrounds them. Clear air, clear skies and clear water- there is a pure beauty to the park that makes visitors feel refreshed and revitalized.

No less than 60 Yellowstone mountains soar higher than 12,000 feet providing the opportunity for walks, hikes and pro climbing. Bighorn sheep and elk grazing along crystal mountain streams, wildflowers and ancient forests decorate the landscape.


Ancient sequoia trees, waterfalls, deep valleys and elaborate rock formations- California’s Yosemite demonstrates nature’s architectural handiwork at its finest. With the dramatic scenery reflected in the mirror-flat lake water, the effect is twice stunning.

A haven for climbers, some of the most challenging routes in the world can be found here. Hikers can also follow marked trails for gentle strolls or epic adventures. Chipmunks, pika, mule deer and marmots live in the valley and an array of birdlife reside in the lofty heights of the giant sequoia forests.

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