Lake Tahoe at Sunset

Lake Tahoe: Things to Do in June

Lake Tahoe has been a summer playground for vacationers for decades. The lake’s serene surface and beautiful surroundings offer much to do year-round, but in the summer months, the area’s attractions and activities make the area a great vacation destination.

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Lake Tahoe at Sunset
Lake Tahoe at Sunset

Hiking Trails

Hiking around Lake Tahoe’s natural terrain and beautiful surroundings are one the most popular activities. The Angora Lakes climb is an easy half-mile climb leading to a one-of-a-kind secret that’s fun for everyone. The trail is easily navigated by beginners and leads to this glacially carved lake at 7,450 feet. With a sandy beach and jumping cliffs, entertainment can be had by all!

The Cascade Falls hike, on the western shore of the lake, is one of the better short hikes. This easy hike combined with the secluded destination makes this a popular trail. The scenic views of Lake Tahoe during the hike add to the natural beauty of Cascade Falls.

For a more vigorous, length hike, the Tahoe Rim trail offers 165 miles of single-track trail that winds through one state park, three wilderness areas, and three national forests making it the epitome of the area’s natural beauty.

Biking Trails

The terrain around the lake provides many opportunities for biking enthusiasts to explore. The Flume Trail, named after the old logging trail it follows, winds along the mountainsides surrounding the lake. Bikers will enjoy this vigorous ride and the awe-inspiring views it allows.

Taking the Ring around the Lake isn’t for the faint of heart. This 72-mile trail rings Lake Tahoe, but there are shuttle services allowing bikers one-way rides if biking the entire trails isn’t an option. The South Lake Tahoe and Pope-Baldwin Bike Paths are paved and better for bikers with less experience in mountainous terrain.

Summer Kayaking on Lake Tahoe
Summer Kayaking on Lake Tahoe

Lake Activities

The clear, clean water of Lake Tahoe beckons water lovers to its surface and shores. The lake is a great place for scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and boating. A popular spot, Sand Harbor, is home to rocky coves that are a diver’s delight. More adventurous swimmers are often found leaping and diving from the large boulders into the water.

When visitors need to rent boats or other sport rentals, get gas, or just want to hang out, Chamber’s Landing and Round Hill Pines are at their service. Either of these establishments serve the lake’s guests with food, drinks, and a smile.

For more information than you could possibly absorb in a single visit to the site, check out Tahoe Adventure Sports for in-depth information on mountain biking, hiking/backpacking, climbing, kayaking, weather updates and other adventure sports.

June Festivals and Events

The Lake Tahoe area is rich with cultural events and festivals in the month of June. The Valhalla Renaissance Faire whisks guests back centuries in time. The Truckee Duckee Derbee gives rubber ducks a new purpose and the Truckee Chili Cookoff fills any tummy. The Tahoe High Notes Music Series, Tahoe City’s Solstice Festival, and Tahoe City Wine Walk are all favorite local events worth attending. For a list of year-round Lake Tahoe and Truckee events, shows and live performances check out Tahoe Arts and Mountain Culture.

A trip to the ‘Lake of the Sky’ in June is fun-filled with activities while surrounded by beauty. Combine the natural wonder with all the entertaining things to do and you’ve got one great vacation. There are many great lodging options in the West Shore, North Shore, and South Shore. Lake Tahoe Cabins are always hit but there are also many hotels, campground areas and there are many Lake Tahoe vacation rentals as well.

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