London Eye, England

The Top Guide to Free London Attractions

If you’re anything like this writer, you’re probably a miserly type. And, when you head to London, the first words blurted from your mouth will be, “Crikey, that’s expensive!

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Indeed, London is cruel when it comes to budget travel. Whether it’s the taxi fares, the souvenirs or the tourist attractions, a couple of days there is enough to make your bank account convulse with fear.

What if you were to find out it didn’t have to be that way? Just think about it – London is huge, so there must be at least a few things that are free.

And, you’d be absolutely correct! Around England’s capital there are a host of exciting places that won’t break the bank. So, leave your car with Gatwick Meet and Greet and take a tour of some of these gratis attractions.

London Eye, England
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See the REAL Big Ben

Big Ben has always represented the archetypal view of London. Instantly recognisable the world over, the grand striking clock has probably been at the centre of more tourist photos than tourists themselves.

But, only UK residents have the opportunity to see inside this striking clock face, and it’ll take a bit of preparation.

To start with, you’ll have to write to your local MP six months in advance of your trip and, once they’ve accepted your request, you’ll be one of just 10,000 Britons allowed to climb the vast stairwells of the iconic bell tower.

See Famous Faces in The National Portrait Gallery

For one of London’s finest cultural locations, take a trip to The National Portrait Gallery, where you’ll see portraits from famous artists such as Hans Holbein to David Hockney. The collection on display is vast, featuring a myriad of paintings, photography, video and special commissions to feast your eyes on.

After you’ve visited the gallery, head over to its rooftop restaurant, which offers a high-quality meal and a stunning view of the capital’s skyline.

Relive Your Younger Years

You might not be aware of this, but the concept of childhood is actual relatively modern. For centuries, what we now regard as children were just viewed as small adults.

As such, the V&A Museum of Childhood begins in the 1600s and features artifacts from old childhood games to a wide range of activities for visitors to learn about the fascinating world of growing up. Truly worth a visit.

See the Cutest Animals in London

Perfect for kids and adults alike, Newham City Farm makes the countryside lifestyle a charm of the city. Featuring rabbits, shire horses, llama, poultry and countless others, the farm also supplies a picnic area onsite. Without a doubt one of the most adorable free destinations on the list, the Newham City Farm is ideal for animal lovers everywhere.

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