Toronto Skyline

Toronto: An Underrated Destination

North America has become a very popular travel destination of late and people head to New York, Boston, San Francisco and Vancouver on a regular basis. These cities are all absolutely fantastic yet there are other spots in North America that are well worth visiting; one of the best of these is Canada’s largest city, and you would do well to hop on a flight to Toronto to check out this great metropolis!

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Toronto is located on Lake Ontario in the province of the same name — it is around eight hours from New York and five hours away from Montreal. It is far and away Canada’s largest city, and is generally the heart of the country’s economy. In the past it was staid, overly conservative and generally boring, yet the past few decades have seen it transformed into one of the world’s most dynamic cities.

Toronto Skyline
Toronto Skyline © Bigstock

The key to Toronto’s appeal is its incredible multiculturalism. Alongside London, it is the world’s most diverse city and you can find communities from across the globe sequestered in different neighbourhoods here. There are several different Chinatowns, a Little India, Korea Town, Little Portugal and many more other communities, all of which bear visiting if only for the delightful food. This influx of different people has made Toronto incredibly interesting, and you can feel like you’re taking a mini-tour of the world as you walk through its perfectly gridded streets.

This is also one of the best places in North America to do some shopping. The Eaton Centre has hundreds of shops and Queen Street West is full of fun, quirky stores frequented by the city’s large community of young professionals and artists. Or if you are looking for something high-brow you can head to ritzy Yorkville to spend all your cash in one go.

As mentioned before the food is absolutely stunning. You can have amazing dim sum at restaurants like Dynasty in Yorkville or head to Ka Chi in Korea Town for fiery bowls of soup late in the evening. Or if you want something a little more local you can check out St. Louis Bar and Grill on Bloor for the best chicken wings in town, if not the world. This is truly a place to eat to your heart’s content.

Toronto is all about culture, but there aren’t many sites that are truly worth seeing. Visiting here is about taking in the scene and enjoying the pace of life. Yet there is plenty nearby if you want to populate your photo albums: just an hour and a half away is the magnificent Niagara Falls, or you can head up north to Algonquin Park to do some serene canoeing in the great Canadian wilderness.

Toronto is truly a world class destination, yet it seems few tourists have realised. So be sure to get a Toronto flight now, before everyone else figures out how amazing this North American city is. Best of all you can return from your trip with a lifetime’s supply of maple syrup!

  1. Sights worth seeing, maybe not but there are a ton of things to do on a visit to Toronto! Only a small portion involve eating. Museums, CN Tower and its EdgeWalk, the beaches, Ontario Place, segway tours, great theatre, fantastic music scene, etc.

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