Top Offbeat Options for Your Next Winter Vacation

Are you planning on going on vacation any time soon? Congratulations! A getaway is always good for you and even if your winter holiday has already been scheduled for this year, there is no reason to be upset about not arranging a ”˜bounty-paradise’ as there are always plenty of good ways to relax and enjoy oneself.

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Just one from all the gems
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Lots of people tire of the busy metropolitan life, and holiday season is usually associated with an above-average hustle and bustle. So why not take a road less traveled? Apart from getting a new and exciting experience, you will spare yourself the challenges of booking in the last weeks of the year.


If you can’t get the dreams about a sea holiday out of your head, scuba diving in Florida is a great option. This can be done there in winter as well; the only thing required is appropriate gear. Think about how jealously you’ve always watched the divers’ video reports on their underwater experiences and how much you’ve wanted to try this out. This might be the perfect timing as you get to kill two birds with one stone — fulfilling your ambitions and getting away to a seasonally unpopular place.

The American Southwest

Visiting Arizona and its amazing Grand Canyon is another great option, as both airfare and accommodation are reasonably priced this year. Weather conditions with very little rain and an average temperature of 60F are also quite propitious. And nothing is better for your health than a well thought-through hiking tour with your beloved ones or new acquaintances.

… and Beyond

For those fond of secluded, elegant cabins there is plenty of choice. For instance, Mississippi is an excellent offbeat holiday destination providing romantic lodging amid wilderness areas. For the same reason, winter is a great opportunity to visit America’s national parks like Yellowstone, which now provide both — great sightseeing and skiing, too.

In addition, all of the above places offer affordable accommodation this time of year so your vacation might become incredible without hitting your pockets too hard.

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