Top Food Equipment That Every Eatery Needs

Restaurant Kitchen
Restaurant Kitchen

The food industry has emerged as one of the favorite sectors to venture in for most budding entrepreneurs. The primary reason behind that is the increasing food consumerism and eating out culture and minimal barriers to entry for the food sector. If you are planning to start your own food venture, you are likely to struggle when deciding exactly what equipment will you be needing for your eatery. Here are some of the most important items that no food business should miss out.

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Regardless of what your menu is, every eatery needs an oven. The size of your oven may vary according to your food requirement. If your eatery is dedicated to baked items such as pizzas, you may require larger capacity ovens and probably more than one. Smaller coffee cafes may want to stick to smaller oven toasters for pieces of bread, muffins, etc rather than larger ovens.

Microwave Oven

Just like ovens, microwave ovens are another staple requirement for any eatery. Contrary to popular opinion, a microwave oven cannot and should not be used as a substitute for a regular oven. During peak hours, a microwave provides extra support and managing quicker order turnover.

Food Service Equipment

Food businesses are not merely about cooking it right but preparing the food timely and in the right manner is crucial and that is where food processing equipment comes in. There is a huge variety of food service equipment such as choppers, grinders, blenders, meat slicers, etc that you will need during the food preparation process. This equipment not just speeds up the food preparation process, but also help to bring in standardization. However, unless you are a large setup, it is recommended that you go for multipurpose unites rather than going for individual equipment. For example, you will find certain food processors that offer more than one function. That will help you save both space and cost.


Many new food entrepreneurs undermine the importance of having dedicated workstations in the kitchen. Your counter space will be having a lot of equipment, but certain processes require manual work. For example your chefs will need a space to roll out dough or to chop the veggies, they will need a reasonable workspace to work effectively. Make sure you accommodate workstations in your kitchen space. If you have more than one chefs, consider having a spare workstation to avoid backlog.

Refrigeration Unit/ Cold Storage

Eateries have quite a lot of beverages and perishables that need to be temperature controlled. That is why it is important to have a good quality refrigeration unit or cold storage on your premises. There are many different types of refrigeration units available in the market. Most of the units differ in terms of capacity and features. Go for a unit that best matches your requirement.


Having the right cookware is crucial for preparing great food. Although it is a no-brainer that you will require cookware for your eatery, however, it is important that you get the right kind of cookware. Your cookware choice should not merely stem from your budget, but you should factor in other important parameters such as durability, safety, heat conduction and compatibility with your stove.

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