The Thrifty Traveller: Simple Money Saving Travel Tips

Although we’d all love to have a holiday filled with endless sun, food and luxury, it’s a scenario which is likely to only ever occur in our dreams. Let’s face it; the reality of travel — especially of the backpacking kind — usually involves a lot less glamour and a bit more scrimping and saving.

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But whatever type of traveller you are, and whatever your destination, there are ways to make your money go that little bit further (without having to sacrifice on fun). Here are our simple tips for saving money while travelling!

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Compare the Cost

If you’re the type who fails to hang about after spotting a good deal, try and exercise a little patience. Although it’s tempting to book flights or accommodation on a whim, you never know how cheaply you could end up getting it elsewhere — so always compare the price. This applies to everything! If you’re looking at plane tickets, compare the price with trains. Or if you’re thinking of driving, compare the cost (and hassle) of using your own car with a rental.

Alternative Accommodation

If you’re backpacking, you might be resigned to staying in hostels and the like. However if you’re staying somewhere for a short period of time or simply want a step up in luxury without the added expense: search for apartment rentals. An affordable alternative to hotels, there are now loads of websites which allow you to rent furnished apartments for short stays. By doing this, not only will you gain a more authentic experience of the location, but by cooking for yourself and having more control over expenses, you could lower the cost of your trip even more.

Use Discount Websites

As well as searching for alternative accommodation online, make sure you use the internet to its full potential! With a lot of travel companies now offering discounted flights or package deals, by searching for offers online you might be surprised at how much you could save. Fair enough, you might not get a massive discount, but by simply booking early or taking advantage of group discounts, it could all contribute to lowering the overall cost of your trip. If you have a particular destination in mind, try finding Hotels.com voucher codes for money off.

Ask for Upgrades

You know what they say, if you don’t ask: you don’t get! And now more than ever, with tourism really suffering in certain parts of the world, hoteliers are more likely to be willing to say yes to customers. It might sound awkward, but by simply asking for an upgrade on seats or standard of room, you could end up with something much superior. So try your luck, you never know where it might lead.

From backpacking to five-star resorts, when it comes to travelling, there are ways to cut costs. By saving money wherever possible, you’ll probably become a thrifty traveller without even realising it …

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