How Does a Stress-Free Vacation Sound to You?

Are you planning to go on vacation and see the country this year?  Do you want to do something a little more laid back? There are several viable ways to go on that road trip without worrying about your safety or breaking the bank. Renting an RV is the best option in our opinion and according to the RV Industry Association (RVIA), 56 million Americans plan to go RVing this summer, so we are not alone in our view.

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The benefits of traveling in an RV are huge and the comfort you experience is simply amazing. In an RV, there is complete privacy where you can have bathrooms in the coach with a kitchen and beds well equipped for utmost convenience. You can also cook and eat your meals in the rig saving you money and avoiding crowded public places.

You may decide to park your RV at a campground if you are not planning to rent a hotel room after arriving at every location while on your road trip. Rest assured that you will find enough space for social distancing at most campsites.

Have you wondered how much to rent an RV? 

If you are wondering how much to rent an RV or you are planning to spend time in a warm place during the winter season, Phoenix is the best place to get great deals on various RV rentals. Renting a Camper Van in Phoenix costs as low as $165 per night. On average, you can rent a Class A Motorhome for just $262. Also, for only $98 you can get an irresistible deal in Phoenix for a Travel Trailer.

Every RV rental owner has their stated policy and rates. Comparing different suppliers can be quite tasking so our information should help you navigate it. Basically, an RV’s type and age are the two driving factors that determine how much it will cost to rent an RV.

Other lesser factors include the brand of the RV, location of the rental company and the duration of the rental. For instance, a large 2020 class A motorhome would cost way more than a 2009 teardrop camper for rental so you should expect to pay according to the rental price tag. The location or metro area of a RV owner determines the cost of the rental. It is costlier to rent an RV in Atlanta than in places like Phoenix or Orlando.  Furthermore, some luxury brands like Airstream cost more than Jayco for example. Insider’s Tip: You can usually save 10-20% off of the daily rate by renting an RV for a week or longer.

Here is a list of common RVs and their rental prices for reference purposes:

  • The average rental price for Class A Motorhome costs from $285 per night
  • For a Camper Van or Class B Motorhome, the average rental price is from $222 per night
  • A Class C Motorhome rental price costs from $212 per night 
  • Lastly, Travel Trailers RV rental costs $117 per night 

Miscellaneous Expenses for Road Trips

There are other important expenses to factor into your budget. Although, the rental cost would make the bulk of the entire trip these could add another 20% to the tab. You may not be expecting these costs so here’s a reminder.

  • Campsite Parking Fee

It is advisable to keep in mind that you will need to pay for space where your RV will be parked. Don’t assume that you can forgo the cost of securing your RV since you won’t be spending on renting a hotel. Depending on the campground location, you may pay as much as $100 in luxury resorts or as low as $30 in suburbs. Do your research before embarking on the trip for prices that match your budget.

  • Side Attractions and Festivals 

State parks usually offer camping services but you will be required to pay a daily admission fee aside from the parking costs. In addition, remember to reserve cash for events within the resort area like festivals or zoo and museum tours. 

  • Cost of Gas Refill and Mileage

Some RV vendors charge additional fees for extra mileage while others don’t. The range falls between $0.25 and $0.75 per mile extra in addition to the original cost of the rental. You may pay over hundreds of dollars just to refill the fuel tank of a Class A Motorhome, unlike a casual sedan. Dragging an extra trailer behind your RV can constitute a heavier load which will demand more fuel within shorter periods.

  • Insurance on Rental

It is always recommended to have an insurance coverage. In fact, it is almost always required. For extra protection and safety, you can pay for additional policies to cover any risks that you may incur.


The RV rental option seems to be more economical and cost-effective vacation compared to other routes, especially considering the high cost of airfare (not to mention airport delays), lodging and meals. Finally, nothing is like the freedom you get in an RV to go where you want, when you want—and it won’t stress you out!

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