Motorcycler on open road in Spain
Motorcycling in Spain © driver Photographer

5 Spring Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

Now that winter is finally getting out of the way, spring is coming in with a bit of a whimper. Nonetheless, as the days get warmer, now you will want to ride your bike much more, both as a commuter and as a vacation vehicle. Riding your hog more also means that you’ll have to start maintaining your motorcycle on a regular basis. We suggest that you begin by doing some post-winter checks of your bike before taking her out for a celebratory spin. Here are five things you should be doing:

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Motorcycler on open road in Spain
Motorcycling in Spain © driver Photographer

#1: Check Your Tires

Riding on icy roads takes a toll on your tires, with the frigid temperatures and potential road salt doing some hefty damage. When you take your bike out, you should first check those tires to see if there is anything that you should fix before it becomes anything dangerous. Baldness and cracks in the rubber are common issues when the thaw takes place.

#2: Replace Your Fluids

If you really like to take care of your bike, you should be winterizing your fluids to make sure that they don’t freeze or otherwise become dangerous with the lower temperatures. This means that when Spring arrives, you have to check and potentially replace them so that you can maximize your fuel efficiency.

#3: Inspect for Winter Damage

Whether you’re riding on a stock model or have installed the best motorcycle mods, things can get damaged over the long winter, especially as metal contracts in the cold and expands in heat. Thus, go over all of your internal components for any signs of winter wear.

#4: Check Your Battery

Another part of your bike that rarely gets through winter unscathed is your battery. Corrosion happens to the best of them, so be sure that you can remove any corrosive elements from the battery and test it out to make sure that it’s ready for Spring activities.

#5: Clean the Chassis

When it comes to Honda bike parts, the chassis is the most important part of your motorcycle. Therefore, you want to make sure it’s free of any cracks or dents that might have transpired during the colder months.

Overall, the more you can inspect your bike, the better off you will be in the long run. Preventative maintenance is far better than fixing problems as they happen, so stay on top of everything, especially when the weather changes significantly.

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