Safe Whitewater Rafting Ideas You Should Know

Whitewater rafting is a popular sporting activity many people are interested in, especially during the summer season. You not only need to go on vacation at the beach. Try rafting and having fun with family and friends. The sport entails rafting along thrilling and challenging rivers. However, as much as it’s exciting, it has potential risks due to the different elements of nature. That’s why one needs to engage a professional rafting guide to avoid helping manage such problems. You might need to consider Breckenridge rafting in your next vacation and try this sport. As a beginner, you will need to have the following tips to have an exciting rafting experience. 

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Attentively listen to your guide

If it’s your first time going rafting, you surely need a guide. Ensure you look for an experienced and highly trained rafting guide. You should never compromise your safety whatsoever. Look for recommendations and interview some of the guides you consider to be good. Only select one you feel comfortable working with. 

Pay attention to all the information and guidance the guide provides. Rafting entails many skills to knowing how best to navigate through the harsh and difficult river waters. Your guide has experience on how best to control the raft to remain safe and have fun. Therefore, do not risk your life and that of your family by ignoring the advice given at any given point. 

Wear a life jacket and helmet

Before getting in the raft, be well-prepared. Have the requirements like a life jacket and a helmet. These are essential components you can’t miss while rafting, especially for beginners. They will keep you safe through the rafting session if you have an accident after the raft smutches onto the river rocks. 

The life jacket should fit you properly. It’s always important to confirm whether the jacket is safe to use by testing it. You don’t want to find out that it was among the few faulty jackets the manufacturer packaged unconsciously. Also, ensure that you feel comfortable while wearing it. It’s necessary to ask for assistance from your guide if need be. 

Review your packing list

It’s highly advisable to prepare for your river float trip in advance. Check out what you need for the trip. You might ask a friend with vast knowledge of rafting to help in arranging the needs. Bringing with you everything you will need during the vacation will make your trip more enjoyable. Some of the items you might need to carry are:

  • Water shoes and a wet suit which is also available for rent
  • A change of clothing or dry clothing you will need after the trip
  • Secure and comfortable footwear
  • Water bottle
  • Sunglasses with straps 
  • Sunscreen
  • A bathing suit

Keep your hands on the T-Grip

Rafting is all about techniques. You need to know some vital techniques like how to hold the T-grip and how to raft to avoid accidents. The paddle has a holding end that resembles a “T” known as a T-grip. Everyone needs to hold firmly on to the T-grip section. One hand must be on the T-grip section while the other hand on the lower area of the paddle. 


Raft trips comprise a variety of events you might have an interest in. It’s a combination of scenery, nature, and exercise which will require you to remain hydrated. Remember, most of these sporting activities occur during summer when it’s warm, together with physical exhaustion that will require you to drink lots of liquids. Therefore, ensure you have a water bottle or energy drink that will keep you hydrated throughout the session. 

Don’t panic

No matter how risky rafting might seem to be, never panic. Despite coming across rough waters, rapids, and rocks you never prepared for, remain calm. Remaining calm will help you to listen and follow your guide’s advice in dangerous situations. It will help save your life and those with you. 

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