Night in Amsterdam

Which European River Cruise Is Right for You?

Fancy a European getaway? Don’t have the time for long-term travel? But still want to see as much as possible in the shortest possible timeframe? Check out any one of the many relaxing European river cruises now available!

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There are an endless number of itineraries available to suit any travel style, budget or area of interest. Here are a few we recommend keeping an eye out for to get the best bang for your buck!

Night in Amsterdam
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The “Full Boat”: From Amsterdam to Budapest

Two- (and even three-) week journeys are available for visitors to touch almost every great city in Europe. A comprehensive and rich itinerary brings visitors to classic, world-renowned destinations and winds its way through imperial cities with historical palaces, while visiting impeccably well-preserved medieval towns where time seems to stand still. Allow at least 14 days.

Wine + Dine on the Water

For travelers with a penchant for gourmet food and world class wine, why not take a river cruise to just one European country? Dive head first into France, Italy, or Portugal’s vast landscapes for a thorough experience of some of the world’s best vino. Allow at least 5 days.

The History Buff’s Cruise

There’s also no shortage of river cruise options for history buffs as well. An in-depth tour of Russia, for example, might thoroughly explore one or two cities such as St. Petersburg and Moscow. Here, travelers might be fully immersed in the rich history of each city by way of their architecture, historical, narrated walks, beautiful churches and old world cuisine. Allow at least 7 days.

Romance on the Danube

Couples looking for one of the world’s great romantic getaways will love a water tour of the Danube River. These typically run approximately one week and travelers will experience the best of Germany, Vienna and Hungary. Some of the world’s most breathtaking architecture and scenery can be found right in the heart of Europe. Allow at least 7 days.

Explore Just One “Europe”

Lastly, if you’re looking for a slightly more in-depth expedition that still offers a handful of ports of call, focus your attention only on Western or Eastern Europe. They’re very different experiences, but both amazing in their own right.

The latter is like a fairy tale: you might start in the Hungarian capital of Budapest; experience the wondrous natural drama of the Iron Gate landscape; uncover the rich history of Bulgaria; and settle out in beautiful Bucharest – the capital of Romania (… just to name a few …) Allow at least 12 days.

But keep in mind that these are only sample itineraries. An endless array of opportunities are available for your next European river cruise!

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