Private Jet Charter

Private Jet Charter and Other (Surprising) Travel Options for Vacationers

Traveling isn’t always as fun as it should be. Crowded airport terminals, a nosy stranger on a bus, and a high-speed taxi driver can all turn what might have been the trip of your dreams into a nightmare.

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For many vacation travelers, chartering is a very convenient and sometimes cost-effective way to make taking a trip easy and fun. Booking a spot on a jet charter, bus charter, or limousine charter could provide you with the essentials of an unforgettable journey: comfort, top-notch service, flexibility, and elegance.

Private Jet Charter
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The Best Air Travel Situation

Envision the best flying situation possible. It wouldn’t be necessary to get to the airport early, stand in line to get your bags checked, wait in line to go through security, or sit at the gate for your delayed flight. When you got to the airport, the pilot would shake your hand and invite you to board the plane. Once you were on the plane, you would immediately feel at ease in the company of your family and friends. If you chose to travel alone, you would be able to relax and enjoy a private and tranquil setting.

This situation might sound too good to be true. However, it’s actually the kind of experience you would have on a jet charter. Because of this, many seasoned travelers and vacationers consider flying on jet charters to be a very good alternative to flying on traditional planes.

Group Travel Savings

Occasionally, a jet charter can be a pretty good deal for families and groups. If you and seven of your friends were planning a trip from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon, splitting the price of a jet charter could actually be a viable option.

Based on the estimates of some charter companies, the lowest priced light jets are around $1950 per hour in flight. The time it would take to fly from Portland to San Francisco on a jet charter is 2.4 hours. So, the amount you and each of your friends would have to pay for the flight, both ways, is $585. That’s around what each of you would pay the major airlines for a round-trip ticket.

Because some charter travel prices have actually gone down in recent years, more and more groups of travelers are avoiding the hassle at the airport and flying on their own private, chartered jets.

Bus & Limousine Charter

If you are hitting the road as a large group, a bus charter is the way to go. Many a happy family reunion has started on a bus charter. Additionally, clubs and sports teams usually have a lot of fun taking trips on bus charters. Chartering a bus can save people from having to make long drives in a bunch of separate vehicles. And chartering a bus lets groups of travelers avoid unpleasant conditions on a crowded public bus.

A limousine can be chartered for special occasions and local trips. You can select what kind of limousine you would like to charter. Most companies will offer an array of stretch sedan and SUV model options. Many limousines will have their own, distinctive interior styles, and you can choose an interior that suits your taste. If you are going to a prom, wedding, or other special occasion, traveling in a limousine will guarantee that you arrive in style and elegance.

In Short …

Charter travel is one of the best alternatives to traditional travel, and it can actually be more affordable than you’d assume. So, book a spot on a jet charter or bus charter for your next vacation. And arrive to your sister’s wedding next spring in a limousine charter. It will be worth spending a little bit more for the comfort and convenience.

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