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Popular Art Galleries Worldwide and What They Display

Art galleries serve to promote appreciation of creative artist work among buyers and the general populace. These galleries are used as a platform to display the work of various artists. Initially, the term “art gallery” was used to refer to sections within a museum that were used to display sculptures, illustrations and paintings. Later on, both public and private buildings were constructed exclusively for art teaching, exhibitions, research programs and seminars.

The fame of any art gallery across the world basically depends on the artists showcased. Throughout this article, a number of art galleries that are well renowned across the world will be discussed.

Saatchi Art Gallery

This gallery is located in London. It primarily displays contemporary art. The gallery was opened in 1985 by Charles Saatchi with the aim of exhibiting his collection to the public.

Over the years, this gallery has occupied different locations. Initially, it was situated in North London. It was later moved to the South Bank of River Thames and finally to its current location in Chelsea. In the beginning, this gallery purely displayed the work of US artists. It later incorporated work by Damien Hirst-led Young British Artists and finally shifted to American contemporary art.

Since its opening, the gallery and its online shop have greatly impacted on art in Britain.

Art gallery
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Institute of Contemporary Arts

This is one of the best places to visit for lovers of contemporary art. It is situated in Boston, on the waterfront. Within the neighborhood of this gallery are other fascinating attractions like the Children’s Museum and Fort Point.

The gallery is subdivided into several sections, few small rotating exhibitions and one large rotating exhibition. The larger section is an attractive feature of this gallery and changes after a few months.

In this gallery, every exhibit is distinct from the other. Generally, exhibits in this gallery are themed around a certain topic or artist.

Additionally, this gallery has a beautiful architectural design and ample design. The building was designed by Diller Scofidio and Renfro Architects. It offers a view of the skyline and the Boston seaport.

Museum of Fine Arts

The visit to the Museum of Fine Arts is an overwhelming experience for the majority of visitors. This gallery has a vast collection with nearly 450,000 objects. Its collections range from baroque masters and renaissance to divine collections of Native American crafts. American decorative arts, especially from New England in the years before the Civil War are liberally represented in the gallery.

The gallery is also home to an extensive collection of Asian art. The focus of this gallery is majorly on the traditions outside the Western canon. With regards to this, three significant galleries within the Museum of Fine Arts are dedicated to art of Africa, ancient America and Oceania. The gallery houses the largest acquisition of Claude Monet works outside of France.

The Iris Gallery of Fine Art Photography

The Iris Gallery of Fine Art Photography represents over forty artists at three locations. The gallery mainly displays contemporary images that were produced within the last thirty years by emerging as well as established artists internationally. It displays the work of prominent artists like Brigitte Carnochan, Sean Kernan and Andy Anderson.

Over the years, art has been considered to be a stress buster. Therefore, a visit to an art gallery is helpful as it exposes the mind to colorful as well as interesting ideas.

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