Chinese Theme Park Offering Discount to Women Wearing Miniskirts

Is there an extra discount on really windy days?  ©stevendepolo

Miniskirts and amusement parks probably don’t go hand in hand, especially when young children are present. But if wearing one promises a discount, there will probably be a good amount of visitors.

China’s Guilin Merryland Theme Park is using the miniskirt gimmick so women can “showcase their feminine beauty”. In order to get the half-price discount, female staff at the park will measure the miniskirts upon entry. Female visitors 18 years and older must wear a skirt shorter than 38 centimeters to get the discount.

The campaign will run for two months, with an extra discount July 21-22. According to a park banner, those are the days on which the park is aiming to “break the world record of attracting more than 10,000 short-skirted women to the park.”

More on the campaign can be seen at

  1. Does it specifically say it has to be women? If not, this would make a great outing for a large group of traditionally dressed Scots and with it a huge disappointment for whatever lecherous executive came up with this campaign.

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