London at night

How to Travel Around London Like a Local

London at night
Night Time in London © Robert Brown

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London has many things to see and do and though many of them are close enough together to walk, there are plenty of other methods of transport to get you about the city nights or days.

The Underground railway or Tube is probably the most common way of travelling London. It does not get delayed by traffic and has good coverage of the City and many of the outlying areas. There are eleven colour coded lines and the maps are easy to follow. You can buy tickets for individual journeys or a day or weekend ticket.

Check out Oyster cards, a contact-less method of paying for all London transport. If you are travelling about a lot, they are often the cheapest option. When using the escalators remember to stand on the right hand side of the stairs to allow people in a hurry to run past on the left. Always let people get off the train before you get on. Remember, drinking alcohol and smoking are illegal everywhere on the underground network.

Buses are another good way to get about, allowing a much better view of the sights than the underground. The number 11 bus in particular takes you past many famous sights including Trafalgar square and Big Ben and is much cheaper than a guided tour. Many buses also run right through the night, saving you an expensive taxi fare after your night out in the city.

River taxis are an often overlooked way to travel about in London, enabling you to see the sights and avoid the traffic to boot. A River Roamer ticket allows you to get on and off all day, although with the view and onboard bar you might not want to get off.

Taxis are very convenient, but can be expensive. Black cabs are a classic city sight and you know they are licensed. Minicabs are also available, but never get into an unlicensed minicab however tired or desperate you are after long London nights out. Licensed cabs have a disc displayed in their front and rear windows. Driving yourself can be a frustrating experience and is best avoided altogether, especially in rush hour. However, London taxi drivers know everything about the city and are always a good bet for local transport.

With the rising costs of driving and congestion, cycling is becoming more popular, although it can be a little daunting in heavy traffic. Cycling on the pavement is illegal except for in designated cycle lanes and when cycling on the road you must keep to the left along with other traffic and obey traffic signals such as red lights. Check the Highway Code if you have any doubts.

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