So … A Koala Walks Into a Bar in Queensland. Seriously.

Koala Closeup, Australia
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And now: your daily dose of adorable …

This past Saturday night, bartender Kevin Martin of Queensland’s Marlin Bar received an unexpected surprise when a wild male koala strolled in:

“He sauntered up to the bar … I asked him for ID and he got all disgruntled … walked around the bar and then climbed up a pole and sulked,” Mr Martin said today.

“We have a big stuffed marlin on the roof and he just sat under the marlin in front of the speaker, listening to the music.

“He fell asleep.”

Evidently his visit was great for business:

“The little feller’s welcome back any time,” Mr Martin said.

“Everyone was taking photos, they thought it was funny.

“If we could tee him up on a weekly basis it would be great.”

Yet another reason to love Australia (as if you needed one).

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