How to Control Flight Anxiety: 5 Quick and Easy Tips

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Do you start to feel a pang of anxiety in your stomach when you realize you have a flight to get on to for your next vacation or business trip? This is understandable. When you start to think too hard about the reality of flying, it can seem scary. But then, you most definitely aren’t alone. Many people get flight anxiety. The secret is to be able to manage it enough, so that it doesn’t hold you back from going to exciting places to experience new things. There are some quick things you can do to reduce your nerves before a flight.

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Research and Think About the Facts

It may make you feel better to know that the chances of something going wrong on a flight is about one in three million. This means you would have to fly every day for over 8,000 years to get to this number of flights. The reason that flight accidents appear in the news is that they are actually very infrequent compared to accidents on the road. The reality is that driving to the airport is significantly more dangerous than your flight. This is in part because pilots are professionals. They have to go through years of training to become a pilot, and then have an array of safety measures and technology to warn them of any issues. Compare this to people driving on the road, who have no formal training outside of the relatively basic driving lessons and tests that have to be passed. People on the road will certainly not be paying as much attention to the road on average, compared to someone flying a jet, and there’s far more traffic on the road. See what it takes to join a flight school at Fly Aeroguard, for example, to see what pilots have to go through to qualify.

Use Distraction Tactics

When we become anxious, we often become very aware of what’s happening around us as a natural fight or flight response. This means that every bump and sound will be rationalized as something going wrong if you’re already nervous. To take your mind off things, come prepared with something to distract yourself. This might be relaxing music or a favorite TV show. Try investing in noise-canceling headphones to entirely pull yourself out of the real world while you fly.

Avoid Alcohol

Many people try to use alcohol as a way to relax, which can help, but may have other symptoms that aren’t as useful. Remaining hydrated is very important when you fly, and alcohol contributes to making us dehydrated. This may make you feel unwell as you’re flying. In addition, if you have a glass of wine too many times, you may find that you’re getting a little loud, and this may not go down well with fellow passengers. Instead, try to focus on the other tips we have recommended and stay sober, so that you can fully enjoy yourself when you land, rather than nurse a headache.

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