How Technology Is Changing How We Cruise

Technology is changing how we travel, and these changes are faster than Apple’s A-6 chip. More people are bringing electronics on holiday than ever before.

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In a survey conducted by Sheraton Hotels, in the U.S., it was determined the average traveller brings 3 or 4 gadgets with them on holiday. In a separate survey, conducted by Google, it was determined that people are using gadgets roughly 20% of the time when they are away from home; while the number is not staggering, it has doubled since 2009. Bringing our gadgets with us as we globe-trot is as automatic as bringing a suitcase.

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However, it is not just the holiday seekers who are embracing technology as their travelling companion, but also hotels, restaurants and cruise ships.

Tablet Time

Hotels around the world are being outfitted with tech-savvy amenities. Today, you can find hotels that loan Kindles, rooms where you can plug your electronic device into the TV, power strips with international plugs and apps for ordering room service. Cruise ships have warmly embraced technology as well. Rest and relaxation is what a cruise holiday is all about, and people like to relax by using technology. In fact, it would not be surprising to see Tablet Time as part of the itinerary on a 2013 cruise. As long as it does not compete with cocktail hour, everyone should be happy.

Forget a Postcard, We Have Facebook

In this day and age, all cruise ships have satellite Wi-Fi. This was not the case just a few years ago. Travellers are not only using tablets to stay connected with friends and family at home, but cruise lines are using tablets to give virtual tours of the ship as well as to help people book cheap cruise deals and shore excursions. Some cruise lines are even selling tablets at sea. In the old days when you went on holiday, you probably got a souvenir, but a tablet seems a bit extreme. As for staying in touch with friends and family at home: What happened to sending a postcard?

Just Like the Apple Store

London Apple Store
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Tablets have a cross-generation appeal. Visit any Apple store and you will see people of every age getting tutorials on how to use new pieces of technology. In makes since that cruises should offer classes, just like Apple, as some travellers would certainly find that type of on-board activity more fun than an Italian cooking class. If cruise lines want to fill their cabins, then they need to keep pace with the cultural trends.

It is said that many cruise lines are replacing laptops with tablets. Cruise staff is currently using tablets to do a host of on-board tasks. For example, check-ins and reservations are easier. Tablets are also being used to assist with game and trivia tournaments.

Electronic gadgets are a part of life. While some critics are bound to take a Man vs. Machine stance when discussing whether tablets belong on holiday, it looks like they are here to stay.

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