Golfing at Sunset

Thinking of a Golfing Holiday? Check Out These Options

If you love golf and would like the chance to play on some world-class courses outside of the UK, booking a golfing holiday might be top of your wish list. From France to Florida, the world is your putting green when it comes to golf resorts, but how do you make sure you choose the right one?

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Here are some top tips for finding, booking and making the most of a golfing holiday in 2014.

Golfing at Sunset
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  • Do your research: You probably already have a list of courses that you want to play, but bear in mind that the better known the course is, the more crowded (and expensive) it is likely to be. There are many world-class courses that are lesser known — generally purpose-built resorts around the Med, so consider these as well before choosing your destination.
  • Consider your party: Will you be travelling with a group of golf-loving buddies, or do you intend to go with your family? If you have non-golfing travellers in your group, you will need to make sure there is enough for them to do, too. Club Med run some amazing golfing resorts, which also boast amazing hotel facilities, excellent kids’ clubs and great access to beaches and shopping for the non-golfers among you.
  • Think about your base: On a golfing holiday you have two choices. Either you can be based actually on a golf course, ready to hit the first tee right after breakfast, or you can base yourself in a regular hotel near the bars and clubs, and be willing to travel to your course for your morning’s golfing. Think about who you are travelling with, as well as whether you want to be on the same course every day or just the local one.
  • Consider travel once there: How will you get from your hotel to the course each day? If you are staying on the golf course, this is easy, but what if you want to try one of the other courses in the area? Will you hire a car, or does your hotel provide transport? These are all questions to be asked and costs to consider when choosing your destination.
  • All-inclusive or not: If you have green fees to pay every time you play, this can significantly add to the cost of your holiday. Opting for all-inclusive will often mean you have a number of rounds on the hotel’s courses provided free of charge.

As with any well-planned holiday booking, it is always best to choose a reputable company for your break. Stick to big names and modern courses to ensure you get the best service and facilities for your money. Make sure you book up your tee times early as well, even before you get there if possible, so you can get the golf in that you want to while still having enough time to enjoy your holiday location.

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