Fly Private: Host an Amazing Road Show

At some point in the history of most successful companies, key executives were likely called to participate in investor road shows. An incredibly important step in the growth of a new business, or one about to go public, the road show can be a highly stressful yet defining moment in the timeline of a company.

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Road shows can span several weeks, and often presenters are required to appear in multiple cities on an extremely tight schedule. Commercial airlines are not only unreliable, but often simply cannot accommodate these highly demanding schedules. Further, with time at such a premium, many company reps will need to prepare while traveling, which includes time in the air.


Far superior to commercial airlines, private jets offer unparalleled amenities and travel flexibility, which are both incredibly valuable assets to road show participants.

Here are just a few advantages of private jet charter:

  • Private travel allows for departure from the closest airport to your destination, unlike commercial airlines which typically only use major hubs.
  • Avoid security lines, delays and baggage restrictions -fly private completely on your own schedule.
  • Hold important in-air meetings and phone/video conferences with complete privacy.
  • Tailor your exact arrival and departure times; arrive at the airport minutes before takeoff and know that your plane waits for you, not the other way around.
  • On-demand charter offers a variety of aircraft in all sizes and mission capabilities to match your needs.
  • Dedicated cabin crews handle your every request with white-glove service.
  • Spacious, luxurious cabins provide a completely stress-free and productive environment.
  • Impress investors and business partners with the style, ease and professionalism offered by private travel.

With the time saved and productivity gained in private travel, your next road show will be a major success. Board your charter jet in any city, at any time, and enjoy complete freedom and high-end service throughout your entire journey. Visit evoJets to learn more about private charter.

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