Sunrise on the Boardwalk, Florida

Florida Holiday Guide: Fort Lauderdale and Beyond

Florida is an enormously diverse destination, which brings together a fascinating combination of landscapes, attractions, sights, and cultures. The Sunshine State offers enough to make it equally popular with couples, groups, and, of course, families with young children.

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So, just what is it that makes Florida such a gem of a destination? Among other things that attract so many millions there each year, are the beautiful beaches, glorious weather, exciting entertainment, incredible natural beauty, and fascinating wildlife. Depending on which part of Florida you visit, you can enjoy everything from world-class beaches and vibrant nightlife through to stunning natural surroundings, excitement and adventure.

Sunrise on the Boardwalk, Florida
Sunrise on the Boardwalk, Florida © Arturo Donate

Three Great Places to Visit in Florida

If you are keen to sample some of what Florida has to offer, but you’re not sure which part of the state to visit, it’s worth considering the following.

Fort Lauderdale

If natural beauty, combined with fun and entertainment is what you are looking for, Fort Lauderdale is an excellent choice for your holiday in Florida. Known as the ‘Venice of America’, Ft Lauderdale is home to a network of intricate waterways and has become a hugely popular destination for yachting as a result. The coastline is stunning and there is natural beauty in abundance.

The city is not short on nightlife and diverse dining, being home to the world’s largest drive-in theatre and offering restaurants serving fresh, speciality seafood. The main arts and entertainment hub is the Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment District, where you will find a huge array of exciting venues. Add to all of this the rich history and exciting cultural events such as Langerado, the city’s annual music festival, and you can see why so many visitors flock to this place annually.


Perhaps one of the best known cities in Florida, Orlando is a mecca for thrill-seekers as it is home to an abundance of world-famous theme parks, including Disney World Florida and Universal Studios. This place is, naturally, extremely popular with families, as it is a firm favourite with kids who want to meet their favourite Disney characters and enjoy the excitement of the rides.

Orlando also offers plenty of other forms of entertainment, particularly if you stay close to the main strip, International Drive. Here you will be within easy reach of the theme parks as well as attractions like Sea World and Ripley’s Believe it or Not. In addition, you will have an abundance of restaurants and bars on your doorstep and a wide choice of accommodation.


Tropical, sun-drenched beaches, marinas and bays, beautiful people and a distinct cosmopolitan vibe (it is the second city in the US with a Spanish-speaking majority), are just a few of the things that you will be able to look forward to if you take a trip to Miami. This dazzling city is hip and youthful as well as being a favourite retirement spot for sun-seeking seniors. As a result, it’s a place that perfectly combines fun and entertainment with rest and relaxation.

Miami has been certified as America’s cleanest city, and there is nothing like taking part in outdoor sports on the custard-coloured sands, in some of the freshest air in all of North America. If you’re after some water sports, they are especially popular in Biscayne Bay, where there is also a vast coral reef.

As well as historical attractions, such as Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, there is the Florida Grand Opera and cultural annual events, like Art Basel Miami, which takes place there each December and is known as the ”˜Olympics of the art world’.

These are just a few of the fabulous places to visit in Florida, a state that will continually thrill you with its plethora of exciting events, diverse populations, native American history and gorgeous, continual sunshine.

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