Do Credit Cards Cover Turo Car Insurance?

Many credit cards include rental car insurance coverage. But do credit cards cover Turo car insurance?

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Most credit cards do not extend car insurance to a Turo rental car. However, your personal car insurance policy may extend to cover your Turo rental car for the duration of your trip.

Find out everything you need to know about credit cards and Turo car insurance today in our review.

Credit Cards Don’t Cover Turo Car Rentals

With rental car prices rising, a growing number of travelers use Turo to rent vehicles.

The car-sharing service is a popular alternative to rental car agencies. Car owners can make extra cash, and travelers can save money or rent a car in remote locations.

However, it’s important to consider insurance when renting a vehicle through Turo. Depending on your personal auto insurance policy and other exclusions, you may or may not be covered.

Many credit cards cover traditional rental cars (assuming you paid for the entire rental with your credit card). However, it’s very unlikely for your credit card to cover a Turo rental car.

Turo warns renters “it’s very unlikely” for your credit card company to extend insurance to a Turo rental car – even if your credit card normally covers rental cars.

Why Credit Cards Don’t Cover Turo Rental Cars

According to Turo, credit cards do not cover Turo car rentals because Turo is a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform – not a rental car agency.

Turo does not meet the traditional definition of a car rental agency, which makes insurance more complicated.

Rental car companies use commercial policies to cover fleets of vehicles, and this insurance provides added protection. Turo works differently.

Because of the difference in coverage between Turo and a rental car agency, most credit cards do not cover Turo rental cars.

Some credit card companies have adjusted their terms to explicitly forbid Turo and similar car-sharing agencies. American Express, for example, does not extend credit card insurance coverage to “vehicle sharing or peer-to-peer arrangements which allow independent owners to rent personal vehicles.”

How Turo Car Insurance Works

If you’re renting a car with Turo, you can buy a protection plan for added protection.

Turo offers three insurance options, including a Premier Plan (65% to 100% of trip price), Standard Plan (40% of trip price), and Minimum Plan (15% to 25% of trip price), with certain minimum daily charges required.

Alternatively, drivers can also decline protection when covering a Turo rental car. If you decline protection, then Turo provides you with the minimum amount of third-party liability coverage required by the state in which the car is registered.

If you decline Turo’s rental car coverage, then you must cover all costs related to physical, mechanical, and interior damage to the rental vehicle, along with other fees and charges.

Does My Personal Auto Insurance Policy Cover Turo?

It’s possible your personal car insurance covers you when renting a vehicle with Turo.

Many personal auto insurance policies cover you when driving any vehicle.

Even though Turo is different than a car rental agency, your personal policy could cover a Turo vehicle regardless.

Contact Your Credit Card Company to Verify Turo Insurance Coverage

Your credit card may extend coverage to a Turo rental car. As Turo becomes more popular, credit card companies may adjust their terms to cover Turo rentals.

However, even if your credit card does provide coverage, it’s unlikely to provide liability coverage for damage to other people and property.

Contact your credit card company or check your credit card documentation to verify coverage.

Final Word

Most credit cards do not cover Turo car insurance.

Turo is not a traditional car rental agency; instead, it’s a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform.

Many credit card companies have updated their policy language to explicitly forbid coverage for Turo and similar car-sharing platforms. However, contact your credit card company to verify if your credit card covers a Turo rental car.

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