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Some travelers seem to have an aversion to booking packaged trips, as if not researching their own flights and accommodation makes them a little less “hard-core” as travelers, or that they’ve taken the easy way out. Particularly among those who enjoy the old “traveler vs tourist” debate, packaged trips seems to equate to a less authentic way of visiting a destination; they represent going “on vacation” instead of traveling to explore the world.

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But why buy into that? Sometimes packaged holidays represent a great deal, and let’s face it … occasionally it’s nice to let someone else do the legwork on the logistics so you can concentrate on what matters most to you. Plus, who’s to say that a “vacation” can’t be about exploring the world and still be stress-free and convenient at the same time?

When it comes to providers of packaged trips, Directline Holidays is a great option. Since 1993, they’ve been working with some of the leading tour companies in the UK and around the world to provide complete travel packages at a significant discount. They offer car rental, ground transport, and travel insurance so you can book everything at once from one company. Plus, if you book at least 18 weeks in advance, the only payment due at the time of booking is a £49 per person deposit, so you can lock down your plans even before you’ve saved for your trip.

What we like about the company is that they offer holidays for a variety of different travel styles. From all-inclusive beach resorts to ski trips to city breaks to self-catering stays around the world, they sell a very diverse range of options, all at a great price.

For example, we checked out their offerings in the Canary Islands and found 7-night holidays to Lanzarote for as low as £385 per person, and holidays to Gran Canaria offered at a similarly low price, both including roundtrip airfare from London. Their offerings go beyond just beach holidays too (though those destinations are their most popular); trips to Lisbon, Cape Town, New York, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Barcelona, and dozens of other destinations are available at surprisingly low prices.

The company also seems to offer particularly good deals for last-minute trips, which is when booking a holiday package is the most convenient. When the urge to get away strikes, you want it to be easy to find and book a great trip without investing too much time and research into finding the right hotel at the right price. Directline Holidays seems to do that, putting in the work for you so you can easily snag a deal and get on with the trip.

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