Determined Samaritan Reunites Backpackers with Lost Photographs

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If you ever experience the calamity of losing a whackload of precious photos, pray that they wind up in the hands of someone as conscientious, creative, and relentless as Peter van Leeuwen.

van Leeuwen spotted a tiny memory card on a baggage carousel at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. He had his doubts about the Lost and Found, so he chose to undertake the legwork of attempting to reunite the card with its owner.

The SD memory card was full of 300 digital photos documenting the European travels of two young women. An internet campaign by van Leeuwen, the head of an advertising firm, finally identified the women as Catriona Bowman and her friend Emily Fazah from Suffolk, England. The good samaritan’s efforts had been publicized by Dutch media and a friend of Ms. Bowman recognized her in the photos that were broadcast.

It remains a mystery how the memory card ended up among the baggage at the airport. The card was originally lost at a bar in Amsterdam.

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