Adventure + Relax + Fun + Nature = Costa Rica Tree House Lodge

“Adventure + Relax + Fun + Nature = Costa Rica Tree House Lodge.”

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That is the slogan of the establishment of the same name. Located on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, the Costa Rica Tree House Lodge provides four houses for rent, all of which are natural and eco-friendly: (1) the Beach House, (2) the Beach Suite, (3) the Tree House and (4) the Garden House.

Beach House at the Costa Rica Tree House Lodge © Costa Rica Tree House Lodge

All of the tree houses are situated within the heart of the Gandoca-Manzanillo wildlife reserve, in a 10-acre ocean front complex in the famous Punta Uva beach. Here, you can enjoy complete privacy in a natural and calm atmosphere. Full relaxation is what each of the tree houses aspire to offer. As a guest, you enjoy your own beach access and a 300 meter beach front.

Reception at the Costa Rica Tree House Lodge © Costa Rica Tree House Lodge

What’s great is that while you revel in a romantic and relaxing setting, you also help to promote sustainability. The Costa Rica Tree House Lodge was built around sustainability and its core business commits to nature and the surrounding community. In addition to creating a sustainable residential area called “Bio Caribe,” the Tree House Lodge also collaborates with the Iguana Verde Foundation to protect an endangered species. Last but not least, the tree houses themselves all hold a 4 LEAVES certification from Certification for Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica, a product of the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT).

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