3 Must-Visit Cities in Britain That You Might Not Have Thought Of

Europe is the continent of city breaks. There are just so many cities you want to knock off your ”˜been there, done that’ list, that you often miss all the smaller, less ”˜touristy’ places. If you had to name you top three must-do cities in the UK for example, what would they be?

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London would be number one for 99% of people, possibly followed up by the Roman city of Bath and the equally Romanesque city of Edinburgh in Scotland. But there are many more cities in Britain to choose from, many of which offer a greater insight into local culture, tradition and the general populace.

Here are another three cities to try:

England: Sheffield

On the edge of the Peak District, this large city of over 525,000, still feels — and looks thanks to the abundance of trees, flowers and open spaces — like a country town. There is much to do in the way of shopping, bars and restaurants and the city has a truly cosmopolitan feel. In terms of specific sties, the Millennium Galleries together form the city’s largest art gallery, with various eras and styles represented. Tudor Square is a central pedestrianised area that is home to Britain’s second largest theatre complex.

Wales: Cardiff

Regeneration has been the name of the game in Cardiff since the turn of the new millennium. Since then, all kinds of buildings from world-class sporting stadiums, waterfront housing developments and shopping centres have been christened with the Millennium name. Shopping and partying are popular pastimes among Cardiff locals, but additionally you can do your own science experiment at Techniquest, admire one of Europe’s best collections of fine art at the National Museum and step back in time at Castle Coch, just outside the city.

Scotland: Aberdeen

Scotland’s third largest city is often overshadowed by Edinburgh and Glasgow, but this is quite unfair. The city skyline is beautiful with the granite buildings gleaming at sunset. The entire city is filled with flowers and is a kaleidoscope of colour during spring. The old town is all cobbled streets and fishing cottages and the bustling port is still as active as ever. The Maritime Museum is a great place to get to grips with the city’s maritime heritage. The surrounding landscape including the Cairngorms National Park and the rugged, windswept coastline of Aberdeenshire are also major draws to this picturesque city.

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