Camping for a Lifetime: Tips and Equipment

They say 2020 is the year of RVs and so as 2021. It’s December and since the pandemic is still giving problems and limiting our ability to go outdoors, RV expedition is recommended. We can still be inside our motorhomes while being physically outdoor. And if you haven’t got your own motorhome yet, visit ZeRVs and look for some used but serviceable and running campers there. Saving money is important too,  that’s why we suggest buying second-hand motorhomes but in excellent condition.

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A considerable number of people like exploring outdoors like hiking, trekking, and camping. Whether it’s inside their property or at summer camps, people go outdoor and have a breath of fresh air at night time.

In fact, retired soldiers and military personnel who have spent a good part of their service time staying in the military camps are located in isolated places like forests, jungles, woods and mountains always burn with desire to go hiking.

If you want to go out to a very far place and experience camping of a lifetime,  you should make a very good plan for your trip before you go. Always make sure that someone who is trustworthy and not going with you knows where you plan to go and has the coordinates of the place you want to stay at.

Another important thing your trusted person should know about before you leave is the length of time of your camping especially the date of your planned return. This is very important so he/she will be alerted if something bad happens, or if you fail to appear on the expected date of your return.

If you are alone and driving an RV, make sure to let that person know your route.

Most manufactured motorhomes are equipped with almost everything a traveller needed but if you get a self-built RV through ZeRVs, it may lack some of the gears and tools like tents, ropes, etc as it’s inside is already a living quarter. When you are inside a motorhome, you’ll definitely not needing a sleeping bag so there is a very big difference when going outdoor with RV and going to a campsite with your daily commute car.

Whether you are going alone, with a partner, or in a group, the following things need to be prepared in advance to enjoy the trekking of your lifetime.

  1. First-aid kit. They said first-aid kid is the most important part of your gears because your life depends on it. You can never know what type of accident or animal and insect bites you will encounter so having a first-aid kit is a must.
  2. Tent, travel-chairs, propane-stove, outdoor-beds, sleeping-bags, collapsible tubs. The side of the tent depends on whether you are alone or has a partner, so as with the beds.
  3. Map, compass, and GPS navigation system. If you are not familiar with the place, these are very important.
  4. Weather report. If you have phone and internet access, keep updated with the weather report otherwise you may encounter tornadoes or heavy rainfall with flooding and lightning. No one really knows.
  5. Garbage bag. Keeping your environment clean wherever you are is very important. Trash can pose problems to animals.
  6. Outdoor rope. Ropes are probably the most-used gear during hiking. Bring at least 10 meters but if you can, 20 to 30 meters is recommended.
  7. Canned foods and noodles. Many hikers bring only canned foods but noodles are extremely important during cold weather. The how soap of ramen is just refreshing during cold weather.
  8. Water bottles. Bring around 5 litres depending on the length of your outdoor time.
  9. Proper safe clothing. Hats, boots, and if possible cover your whole body when not in hot weather. Anything could bite you or scratch your exposed skin.
  10. Torch, cigarette lighter, flashlights, batteries. You need this when starting a fire and lighting
  11. Shovel for digging a hole for a temporary toilet. Also can help when your vehicle is stuck in the sand
  12. Axe and machete for cutting firewood to use at night or for cooking when you run out of propane.
  13. Paper plates and cups. This is recommended as they are biodegradable. You should bring disposable plates and cups for convenience and lighter weight.
  14. Knives. Bring according to your need
  15. Laptop and cellphones. This is optional but if you have an RV, you can always have them inside your vehicle.
  16. Extra money. Extra money for than your pocket money is essential in times of emergency like paying someone to tow your vehicle.
  17. Binoculars. They will bring distant objects closer to you.
  18. Fishing gear and lures. Depending on the place you are going to visit, if there is a chance that you can fish, having gear is important as you may need it in no time.
  19. Anti-mosquito lotion. There are always mosquitos outside so make sure to bring this very important mosquito-repellant. You might get malaria.
  20. Toiletries (Soaps, toothpaste, shampoos, etc) for your personal hygiene.
  21. Mirror. Not only that you can see what’s on your face like when something bites you or if you got scratches, but this can also help you in times of trouble in alerting other people. This is also one of the most important things if you are drifted ashore.

There are other specific things that you can prepare depending on the specific area where you want to camp. Different areas have different policies and regulations. You should check the local laws and regulations in that area before you visit and make sure all of the things you want to bring are allowed.

In some places, gears like a machete are not allowed so you need to check that with the local authority.

Now that you know the things to prepare to have camping of a lifetime, you try to visit ZeRVs and look at the available campers. They have all types of motorhomes from small to large and if you use the search function of the site, you’ll have a better chance to find what is best for you. Read here how to buy used RVs at the best price.

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