Bouygues Telecom’s Travel SIM Card Simplifies Your European Mobile Data Needs

In the last decade alone, technology has made traveling the world a whole lot easier. Smartphones are dirt-cheap; it’s possible to find fast, reliable Wi-Fi in even the remotest corners of the globe, and people are giving up their traditional office jobs to work from just about anywhere.

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But, the biggest headache for travelers these days is still sorting out an international data plan. No matter where you’re traveling, they can seem confusing, pricey, and oftentimes the data speeds are far slower and less reliable than what you’re used to back home.

The best solution is almost always an all-in-one travel SIM. For travelers to Europe in general and France, in particular, Bouygues Telecom is making things a little easier. Here’s everything you need to know about their super simple, affordable international mobile data service.

What Is the Bouygues Telecom Travel SIM Card? 

The Bouygues Telecom Travel SIM Card eliminates the usual headaches associated with international data plans. By replacing the existing SIM card in your smartphone with that provided by Bouygues Telecom, you’re guaranteed 20GB of data to use in France, 15GB of which can be used throughout Europe. It’s an extremely generous allowance that represents almost triple the average monthly data usage in France. Plus, your data is shareable by up to 10 devices, all on a fast 4G mobile network.

The travel SIM card also guarantees unlimited calls and texts throughout Europe, including France. Plus, you get 25€ of international call credit to call your friends and family back home to tell them what a great time you’re having.

How Does the Travel SIM Card Work?

Travelers simply pop out the SIM card from their unlocked smartphone, and replace it with the SIM provided by Bouygues Telecom (don’t ask us to pronounce that, by the way — your guess is as good as ours!). Then reboot your smartphone. Voila! That’s it. The entire process takes less than five minutes, and activation is instant.

Bouygues Telecom Travel SIM Card

How Much Does It Cost?

Bouygues Telecom keeps their pricing structure simple by offering a single travel SIM package. For 39.90€, you get a kit that includes a triple-cut SIM card, a user guide in 10 languages, a cool Eiffel Tower SIM ejector, and a Parisian subway map, plus a few stickers and souvenir keychains.

Where Can I Buy a Bouygues Telecom Travel SIM Card? Can I Recharge the Balance?

To make sure can maximize the travel SIM card usage for your European trip, the best thing to do is buy it before you leave home. While in France, you can top up (recharge) at the Bouygues Telecom store, Tobacconists (“Tabac”) and press shop, and Relay shops.

The credits don’t expire for up to 30 days, and your line is valid for 12 months meaning it’s great for multiple trips to Europe within the same year.That’s it! Your international mobile data plan doesn’t need to be complicated, especially if you opt for a Bouygues Telecom Travel SIM Card.

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