Panorama of Venice, Italy
Panorama of Venice, Italy

The Best Ways to Get Around Venice, Italy

These days, it seems Venice is constantly in the American travel media. With good reason! It’s historic, it’s surreal, there are unique photo ops around every corner and down every meandering alley. It’s also arguably the most beautiful destination in all of Italy.

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But, especially during peak season (i.e. the summer months), there’s no denying that it gets crowded. Planning the best ways to move in and around the iconic Italian city is critical to minimizing headaches and maximizing your sightseeing. If you have the time, it’s best to slow travel — that is, walk wherever you can because the canal city is best explored on foot. For those times when hoofing it just won’t do, however, here are the best ways to get around Venice, ranked.

Water Taxi in Venice, Italy

Exploring Venice from Its Ancient Canals

Venice is, first and foremost, a water-based city with canals instead of roads so it’s no surprise that the best way to get around is by boat. The question, of course, is which boat? We love this new water taxi in Venice for a long list of reasons. First, their fleet counts more than 100 Venetian water taxis at its disposal, so it’s the largest water taxi services in town. That means their boats are present in every major access point to the lagoon throughout the whole city. So, no matter where you need to pickup a ride, they’re almost guaranteed to be there. Taking local taxi, you can turn a casual transfer into a scenic sail through inimitable canals. These crafts are also connected to a sophisticated operations/call center via GPS, ensuring they get you where you need to go quickly and efficiently. Plus, you can book everything online or from your smartphone, so it’s super convenient. Finally, this is the most efficient way of transfer between Venice and the local airport Marco Polo.

Vaporetto Boat in Venice, Italy

Alternative Ways to Explore Canals

Vaporetto are the long, communal bus-boats seen everywhere throughout Venice. As the only public transportation in Venice, Vaporetti (that’s the plural of Italian word Vaporetto) offer a scheduled itinerary that follows the most popular routes (along the Grand Canal, and between Burano, Murano, and Venice, for example), they’re mostly efficient. However, they tend to be crowded, particularly during peak times of day. A single ticket costs €7.50 and buys 75 minutes of travel. If you’re planning to jaunt around to a few different spots during that time, that seems almost reasonable. But, if you just need a one-way trip and don’t plan to travel beyond your first stop within that 75-minute window, riding the Vaporetto can cost more than a water taxi. 

Gondola Ride in Venice, Italy

The Slow, But Scenic Route

For first-time travelers daydreaming of Venice, few things are more iconic than a gondola ride. It’s the quintessential picture of Venice! And, honestly, they’re exactly what you imagine: slow, meandering, and wonderfully romantic. For couples traveling together, it’s an absolute must-do when visiting Venice. Even if it seems cheesy, it’s sure to be memorable and Instagrammable (and, of course, if you don’t share it to social media, it didn’t happen!). Think of it as an experience rather than a means of transportation because it’s very slow and very expensive. Plan on around hundred Euros for a private, half-hour tour, with elevated nighttime rates. Like I said: it’s sure to be fun, but it ain’t cheap.

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