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A Vacation Home for Christmas: 4 Pros of Investing in a Ski Property for the Holidays

The winter holidays are a time for spending special moments with family and friends, and owning a spacious ski condo or mountain property can give you the opportunity to entertain and feel at home as you enjoy the tidings of the season. While investing in real estate might seem like a daunting prospect to you, there are several benefits to buying a condo or private home in a ski area, especially when Christmastime comes around.

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#1: Increased Privacy

Taking a holiday ski vacation usually means packing up mountains of suitcases, winter gear, and a stay at a resort hotel. While some can have a variety of fine amenities, even larger suites might not be able to give everyone in your family the privacy they need. Owning a private home or condo in ski country means being able to choose a property that can accommodate your family’s size and even a few guests for a holiday ski party. This can be especially important if you have older children, as their desire for privacy usually grows as they reach their teens.

#2: Convenience

Owning a ski property can end the yearly question of where to vacation over the holidays. Once the kids’ school breaks for the holiday, you can simply close up the house and head to your private home or condo in the mountains for as long as you like without having to worry about making hotel arrangements or the rising cost of air travel.

If you want the ultimate in convenience when investing in a winter home, then consider a condo. These properties usually include several amenities like a clubhouse or game room, laundry facilities, and, in some cases, an indoor pool. All of the property’s upkeep is typically handled by the condo association, including repairs, snow removal, and the external upkeep of the property. This means you and your family can enjoy everything the condo has to offer without having to worry about maintenance.

#3: Easy Access to Ski Lifts and Trails

A Christmas vacation in the mountains means plenty of time to ski, and owning a property with immediate access to lifts and trails gives you more time on the slopes. Many condos guarantee access to lifts within walking distance, which can be a boon to you any guests you invite up for the holidays. Consider looking into Utah’s Summit County area, which is home to many ski in ski out Park City properties, along with two of the most popular winter resorts in the country.

Having easy access to skiing trails and lifts can also save you money on gas and parking fees. On mornings when there is fresh powder and everyone is clamoring to ski, you can simply gather up your gear, strap on your skis, and take off from your back door. This type of convenience can be well worth the investment, especially if you and your family members ski every day.

#4: A Picturesque Holiday

If you live in an area that sees little to no snow around the holidays, it can be difficult to get into the Christmas spirit. Decorating and wrapping gifts always seems more enjoyable when there is snow falling outside, and owning a ski property can give you the kind of traditional holiday you yearn for. If you choose a private home with a surrounding acreage, your kids can enjoy sledding, tubing, and building snowmen in addition to skiing before you all gather in front of the fireplace to enjoy your mountain Christmas together.

Investing in a ski property is a major financial decision that takes much planning and thought. However, when you understand the benefits of owning a condo or private home in ski country, especially around the holidays, they may help you make the best decision possible.

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