Budget Travel 101: 5 Tips for Traveling on the Cheap

If you’ve been refraining from making a holiday plan because your pockets are not full, think again. Get a little proactive, seek for opportunities, talk to the right agent and ponder on the choices placed before you. There is a bundle of travel deals which could meet your needs.

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To make this simpler, I have listed a few tips on how to make your trip cheap and affordable on research, accommodation, places to see and more.

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Research Before You Go

There is no big secret to cheap traveling. It is important that you thoroughly study every bit of information regarding your flight, travel insurance, accommodations, places to go, eat-outs, before you return, etc. Your travel agency could be the apt source to provide you with information if you are willing to disclose your budget. Plenty of people have managed to survive on $30, $40 and $50 a day. It all depends on where you are flying to but most importantly it is the information that you gather.

Travel Off-Season

Make your plans during the off-season. Every tourist destination has a high season and an off-season. High season is the months of the year when the most people flock to that particular place. Everything would be costly right from your airfare to dining out. But if you travel during off-season, the location will have the least amount of tourists as demand (and rates!) decline sharply.

Cheap Phone Service

While traveling, you’ll likely carry a mobile phone to keep in touch with your folks back home. But before you leave, make sure to register with a suitable international calling service so that you don’t empty your pockets on the very first day. Do your research well and opt for a cheap international calling service which allows you to make free calls! Now how cool is that?

Cheap (and Healthy) Food

When it comes to fitting things within your budget, food is one of the chief expenses. You are at a new place and of course you don’t want to miss the best cuisines. But more than the taste factor learn about the hygienic factor. You don’t want to spend lavishly on food only to find yourself sick for the rest of your holiday.

As I said earlier, research about popular restaurants and try the food during lunch hours as you have to pay lesser. Also, when booking your hotel, check for free breakfasts or other food perks, as this can also save you a bundle.

Cheap But Attractive Spots

Don’t visit places where others go or rather don’t do things that others do. Make your holiday different yet enjoyable. There are spots and hangouts which aren’t tourist centers but are beautiful and cheap enough. If you are on a holiday for relaxation, avoid crowded spots. Beaches could be expensive while historic spots are cheaper. You can see all of these but chose to spend only as per your budget.

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