Top 5 Things to Do on Holiday in Greece

With over 250 days of sunshine, more airports than any other European country and about 200 inhabited surrounding islands blessed with clear blue seas, the land of the gods continues to be one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe. Here are 5 things you should do whilst visiting the land that helped shape most of modern western civilisation, be it language, philosophy, democracy or engineering.

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Acropolis at Blue Hour, Athens © runner310


The Acropolis on top of the Parthenon is among the most visited historical sites in Athens and for good reason. It took eight years for the Ancient Greeks to built this magnificent structure. The ancient Agora, the assembly place and the heart of all the daily happenings of this ancient civilisation and the theatre of Dionysius, are also worth a visit. Apart from the apparent modern buildings, Athens also retains a lot of Roman and Byzantine structures and monuments.

The Islands

You can’t travel to Greece without getting on a ferry to spend some time on some or one of the surrounding islands such as Corfu, Mykonos or Santorini. These islands are famous for their nightlife, clear picturesque beaches, exquisite cuisine and small white houses all covered in bougainvillea. Why not spend a few days in some of the most luxurious hotels or villas, like this one in Mykonos, and get a taste of the Greek’s insurmountable hospitality?

The Monasteries

The Orthodox Monks built most these in a place called the Metéora, which literally means ”˜in the sky’. These monasteries are built on top of naturally occurring stone pillars, a way for the monks to feel closer to God, but also a safe haven for when they felt threatened. The most famous of these monasteries is probably the one on Mount Athos, a mountain peninsula on the eastern part of the country.

The Theatre of Delphi

Legend or rather, Mythology has it that the thunder god Zeus sent two eagles to look for the centre of the earth and this is where they met. Comprising of beautiful temples, an amphitheatre and a wonderful archaeological museum that houses artefacts found on the spot, this place lures you in will definitely give you a great taste of ancient Greek life.

Climb a Mountain!

Greece is very mountainous, and getting on the summit of one gives you a great feeling plus the views are fantastic. Try mount Olympus, Mount Parnassus or the great views from Mount Lycabettus. If climbing up is not something you’re too keen on there are trains that take you up on some of these mountains but do check beforehand.

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